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Business Intelligence

We offer a highly detailed Methodology, and a team of motivated professionals, enabling companies to leverage trusted and complete information, to better execute day to day activities and make smarter business decisions. Read more...

Data Integration

We provide professional services and software solutions to deliver two of the most challenging information-related projects: Data Migrations & Data Integration projects. Read more...

IBM and Actiview

Actiview is a certified partner of IBM. We have invested our efforts and gained a decade of experience implementing IBM analytics and information management solutions at our clients. Read more..


Top-IT, a leading provider of financial BI solutions, merged with Actiview
Top-IT, a leading provider of financial BI solutions (Office of the CFO) merged with Actiview. The merger will provide best-of-breed solutions for budget, planning, costing cash flows and financial reports.
New BIG DATA Streaming Lab at Actiview
Actiview established a new BIG DATA Streaming Lab, to support multiple customer engagement in Israel and abroad. The Lab leverages new BIG DATA technologies to allow Real Time streaming of information coming from the Network & Web, and currently supports client engagements in the USA and Israel.
Actiview completed IBM BDW training at BIN BANK of Russia.
Actiview completed IBM BDW training class at BIN BANK of Russia. During the training bank senior managers have defined their business priorities, and understood how BDW can support these requirements.
Actiview completed a DW/BI training at Telesur, Suriname
Actiview completed a 5 days DW/BI training class for Telesur, Suriname leading telecom provider. The class focused on the methodology of designing and building business focused analytical application.
Actiview completed a BDW class for BELVEV - a leading Bank in Belarus
Actiview has completed a 3 days training session on the implementation of BDW - IBM's Banking Data Model at Belveb. The training was focused at understanding in depth how the BDW data model supports business processes and reporting/analytical requirements. The training also focused on proven implementation methodology, specifically at Eastern European banking environment. The training session was conducted on the request and in partnership with IBA Group.
Actiview wins the implementation of SAS Marketing Automation suite at Harel Insurance
Harel Insurance has Chosen SAS and Actiview as their partners in the implementation of their next generation Marketing Automation and Customer Analytics platform. As part of the engagement Actiview will implement SAS Marketing Automation suite, including the design and development of multiple data mining models to optimise Harel's direct marketing effectiveness.
Actiview will support Discount Bank with UNICA Campaign Management implementation
Actiview was requested by the Bank to develop, Implement and support the next iteration of Campaign Management solutions at Discount bank. The work includes both Technical ownership of tIBM UNICA based solution, and also business support for the marketing department in the design, execution and measurement of personalised campaigns.
Actiview will Implement Ayalon Insurance EDW based on SAS Technology
Actiview was chosen to Implement Ayalon Insurance Enterprise DW, Based on SAS DDS Data Model, Using the Full SAS BI tool Stack. The project will include all LOB including General, Life and Health Insurance.
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